Social Media Assistant for Social care

Customers expect a lot from the companies they do business with. You might not even realize this, but it’s true. Whatever we expect from them, usually doesn’t just end with the product or service we have purchased, sometimes we demand that they’re presence be expected long after the actual business has been made.

I am referring to customer service. There is very little to argue about the fact that we contemplate a lot about how the customer service is for a certain brand before we place our faith in it. Not a month ago, I bought a flat screen television. I was torn between two manufacturers that had all the features I was looking for on my next TV and had the best value for money. The choice I had to make was between a TV manufactured by a company I’ve known for so many years and a TV that came from a manufacturer I have only heard of at that instant. Oh, and another thing, the product of my first choice (well-known brand) is a bit hefty on the price tag. Ultimately, I had to choose the first one even if it’s more expensive because they gave me peace of mind that they will be able to take care of problems if there happens to be any. Plus, their service center is closer to where I live.

As a result, customers and the ones that possibly could be, are challenging companies to step it up in the game of customer service every day. And as for the year 2012, one revolution that stood out as this year’s social media revolution is realization of companies that social media is a great channel to serve their audience.

Here are some facts that companies should cling to in “social care” (the unofficial term used for customer service through social media):

  • Consumers are saying that they are more likely to refer a brand to someone else (about 71% of them), if the company is able to provide positive social care experience.
  • Each year the growth of users of popular social media, sites such as Facebook and Twitter have grown tremendously. And these people are clamoring for businesses to respond to their queries, complaints and complements without them having to leave the platform.
  • Consumers have access to social media wherever they go because of social media mobile sites. In fact, more than half of Facebook’s billion users access the service for at least 7 hours every month on its mobile site.
  • In terms of possible engagement, 1 out of every 4 Facebook users happen to check their accounts at least five times each day.
  • Americans’ online consumption is 23% done in Facebook and other social media sites.
  • About a third of those who use social media say that they would rather talk to companies through social media platforms than by calling them on the phone.

If those facts still aren’t enough to jump out on you to get a social media assistant, to respond to consumers, then you are bound to have a far more serious business problem in the future. Yes, I’m for getting social media assistants, since they take care of the significant time needed for a positive social care campaign.


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